Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Balance of the sexes ... iron and steel, mining and metals

We have just done a count of the male : female ratio amongst senior executives in the industry worldwide. Our full list of international iron and steel / mining and metals-related executives (including Chairpersons, Presidents, CEOs, MDs, FDs, other Board members, Partners etc) comes to a total of ~350 people. For full list [which we do not pretend is exhaustive] please see www.steelonthenet.com/whoswho.html. From this list, the female total comes to just eight. That is ~2.3% of the total.

In alphabetical order the women on this list include Galina Aglyamova (CFO of NLMK, Russia), Vicki Avril (President of IPSCOs operations in Canada), Cynthia Carroll (CEO of Anglo American), Becky Hites (Managing Partner at World Steel Dynamics), Ms Elisabeth Nilsson (MD at Jernkontoret, Sweden), Xie Qihua (Chairwoman of Baosteel Group, China), Ms Barbara R Smith (CFO at Gerdau Ameristeel) and Anne Tremblay (Secretary General, International Manganese Institute).

Not much balance of the sexes in iron and steel / mining and metals then. Rather, a very male dominated industry still - in case there was any doubt.


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Friday, May 01, 2009

World stainless steel output to fall

MEPS are reporting that world stainless steel output is to fall in 2009. According to the consultancy, global stainless steel production will come to ~20.8 million tonnes in 2009, which represents a production fall of around 20 per cent from 2008 levels. The Western world figure (excluding China and Russia at 13.5 million tonnes will be the lowest production figure since 1994 - and indicate the third consecutive annual decline in Western stainless steel output.

You can read more at http://www.meps.co.uk/editorial04-09.htm


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