Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Steel intelligence - straight from your desktop

The marketing team have set up a free toolbar for download by visitors to If you are interested in accessing our steel news, event listings, and other steel data whilst browsing any other website please visit for further information. Alternatively, you may go to to download the toolbar directly. There is no cost, and an uninstaller is also provided in case you change you mind.

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Eurofer disappointment over Copenhagen

Eurofer today issued a press release, expressing its disappointment over the outcome of the Copenhagen talks. “The Copenhagen deal is a disappointment. We had hoped that an agreement in Copenhagen would have resulted in a global level playing field between industrial competitors worldwide”, said a EUROFER press release issued earlier today.

Eurofer suggests that a number of EU responses would now be appropriate. These include (amongst other suggestions)
  • no European financial support for climate change mitigation and adaptation measures to countries which do not agree to international monitoring of all their industrial GHG emissions,
  • increases of financial support for R&D of carbon lean technologies in the EU.

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