Friday, October 16, 2009

Polish steel industry - supply and demand review

Steel industry consultants MCI have just published a review of the steel sector in Poland.

In an October 2009 report of ~45 pages, the authors discuss the supply of demand for steel, including recent history and current industry structure and ownership. The report looks at current steel capacities in flat, long and tube products; at production, capacity utilisation, environmental issues, productivity, demand levels and demand segmentation. The authors also discuss future Polish steel consumption levels and market trends. Priced at Euro 395, the new report also outlines an industry SWOT analysis; and discusses some of the management challenges ahead.

For further information, visit Polish steel industry report.

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Anonymous Cold Rolled Steel said...

Thanks for the link to the report. Im interested to see the differences between the Polish report and the Ukraine report!

 12:25 PM  

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