Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A Mittal/Arcelor merger should not seriously affect steel prices [MEPS]

According to a MEPS report published today, a Mittal / Arcelor merger should not seriously affect steel prices, because (excluding North America, where the Dofasco assets would be sold) the product market orientation of the two firms is largely complementary.
The greatest overlap between Mittal Steel and Arcelor exists in European heavy sections (also called structural sections or beams), and here the European competition authorities are likely to require certain divestments.
For full report, please visit http://www.meps.co.uk/viewpoint2-06.htm.




Anonymous sarvpriya said...

i suppose it wont affect the steel prices as much, its a short term problem which will remain for a few weeks.

 11:18 AM  
Anonymous sycamore said...

it will affect man. how can you say that. when giants fight ruins are what is left behind.

 11:18 AM  

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